Staying active doesn’t mean that you have to run 5Ks or go through a full strength-training regimen at the gym. Especially as we age, keeping the body moving is a great complement to programs like tai chi or chair exercises that maintain strength and balance.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine says that physical activity can be anything that increases heart rate or stresses normal body physiology.

Triboro Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has five daily tasks that you’re probably already doing that count as getting in physical activity.

  1. Climbing Stairs

Even athletes use stair-climbing as part of elite-level workouts. You don’t have to find stadium steps, however, in order to benefit from this activity. The ones in your home or any that you might be able to find around town will suffice, especially if you can choose stairs over an elevator or escalator.

  1. Walking

Think about all the opportunities you have to walk during the day. You can walk around stores, and many people enjoy walking in shopping malls, especially when the weather starts to get cold and nasty. Even just walking to the mailbox is a good start.

  1. Yard Work

Doing yard work or gardening involves walking, lifting objects, and squatting—three great activities to keep the body active!

  1. Cleaning the House

While generally not as strenuous as yard work, cleaning the house has your body moving and in constant motion.

  1. Keeping Up With the Kids or Grandkids

Children are usually a bundle of energy and always in motion. Moving around with them, as much as your physicality allows, will keep you active and have the heart pumping.

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